Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cupcakes and Spoilers

So dear readers, guess whose birthday it is on Sunday...yep, this girl's! I've decided to be excited and not focus on getting older. After all, getting older can be kinda cool, and there's no way I could ever be upset about a day that not only celebrates moi, but also involves presents and cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting (mouth drooling in anticipation)! Drooling Dooling...yeah, that brings back some childhood scars.
As a little present to my blog, I'll be posting a small little excerpt from book 5 in The Protectors Saga on Sunday as well. Now, since my bday will probably involve more than a few margaritas, I can't promise the post will be timely or entirely coherent, but I will get something put up here. I just have to decide if I want a bit of fight scene, a bit of Jade and Avery, or some Dravery. If you have an opinion or preference just let me know, I always LOVE hearing from fans of the series. Till happy and have adventures. Paige out...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013, How Lovely To See You!

2012 was a hard year. Without question, there were some amazing highlights...publishing the 4th book in the Protectors Saga, finding a day job I actually enjoy, Christmas time at Disneyland, the Hobbit movie :) but when all is said and done, it was a difficult year. Hospital stays and family illnesses can take a toll on a person, body and soul. Now I know the passing of one year into another doesn't actually represent a new start to anything, not time wise anyway, but I have decided to let the beginning of 2013 renew my spirits. Sticking with time honored traditions I have made a list of resolutions, and this year I think they're actually doable (sadly, I had to take own Belle's library from Beauty and the Beast off of it, along with travel in a time machine...maybe next year. 
First on my list...okay, not actually the very first thing, but it's a good to actually get on this little blog of mine and blog more, actually try and keep people informed about my writing. Sorry, sorry, I say shamefully, knowing I should have done this months ago.
So, in the spirit of being informative, book 5 in the Protectors Saga is coming along. It's coming along slowly, not glacially slow, but still slow; mostly due to the fact that I'm working on two other separate books at the same time. One's a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast and the other is more sci-fi alien focused. I'll most likely elaborate more on those in the many upcoming posts I intend to put up this year. But back to book 5, I may not know when I'll have it finished, but I promise it'll be out sometime in 2013, chocked full of girls kicking ass and many more Dravery (if you've read my blog you know what this is) moments full of tension and longing stares.
Till next time, have a great beginning of 2013 and to my readers and followers...thank you...I love you!