Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October is upon us...FINALLY!

My absolute favorite month of the year is upon us! October is my happy place. It's like being wrapped up in a warm zombie printed blanket. It's equal parts cinnamon pumpkin fall delight and horrific costume clad fright night...like I said...my happy place.
As sad and inconsistent as my blog may be I do plan and hope on doing some October updating. Nothing like my favorite month and second favorite holiday to get give me a kick in my blogging ass.
AND in prep for that, here is a little pic of me and my peeps celebrating one of October's highlights - HALLOWEEN -

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

IT IS TRULY ALIVE : Dragon's Blade: Book 5 in the Protectors Saga

Life in unpredictable...you think you have a plan, and then...boom!! Your plan is blown to pieces. That is kind of what happened to me this year. After illnesses, a death in the family, switching jobs - I was finally able to get back to what I love - WRITING.
It may have taken a year more than I was hoping for, but at long last the 5th book in my Protectors installment is done and available to the world (I fist-pumped with excitement so hard I almost dislocated my shoulder). So there you have it, my slacker butt finished and is working away on my next book. I've learned my lesson, though. I'm making no promises as to when the 6th book is coming out. I can only promise that I will continue to work on it - long into the wee hours of the night - a caffeine high of diet coke keeping my jumpy - and my dog whining at me to stop messing with her sleep schedule.
Alright, now time for links. I'll post the Kindle link tomorrow as it is not yet quite available...silly Amazon:

Find it on Smashwords here : Dragon's Blade: Book 5 in the Protectors Saga