Saturday, July 13, 2013

Becoming Eden Summary - FINALLY Done!

No matter how many times I say, I could never fully and truly express just how much I pukingly despise writing summaries. That being said I am finally done!!!!!!!!
Okay, here it is, the summary for my new book BECOMING EDEN. Let me know what y'all think :)  Your opinions are valued and listened to...believe me.             

               The small town of Delphi, Colorado wasn't like most towns. New people were always coming and going, there were large numbers of animal attacks in the surrounding woods, and a suspiciously high rate of missing persons. This was the town were seventeen-year old Eden Day had lived her entire life. Eden and her three best friends, Mel, Wes, and Jasmine love to hang out, eat junk food, watch too much television and dream about someday leaving Delphi to see the world. That was until the dark rainy night when Eden was walking home alone in the woods and was attacked by a vampire. Bleeding and broken, she crawled into an old abandoned church...where she died.
                Miraculously coming back to life, she senses something within her is changing. Is she still human? Is she becoming a vampire? Something that would be terribly inconvenient considering she's a vegetarian. In her quest to discover what is happening to her, Eden meets Oswald Chang, a genius computer geek with extensive knowledge of the Supernatural. Through him she learns of the secrets behind her town and her newfound connections to them.
                As the vampire attacks increase, Eden must learn to embrace what she is becoming in order to protect all that she holds close. If she can do this while still passing English and avoiding the irresistibly charming, but equally infuriating mysterious new boy in town, Eden just might have a chance of surviving till her graduation.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back From Space and Bringing You Updates

First, let me start by apologizing for letting this blog just sit here and collect dust. I always imagined I'd be a better blog keeper, but sadly I've discovered that I suck.
Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to some updates. I should be publishing my teen vampire novel Becoming Eden sometime this month. The summary is almost complete and I'll be posting it up on here soon...if I stop sucking.
More updates, the fifth book in my Protectors Saga is coming along SLOWLY. I've had a bit of a writers funk lately and the book has unfortunately suffered because of it, but I am pushing on, determined to bring Avery, Jade, and Draven to anyone who wants to read more about their story.
~Paige out

I obviously couldn't update sooner because NASA had recruited me for a very secretive and highly dangerous mission. What, don't believe me? Here's the proof you bunch of naysayers --- and yes, the sunglasses are NASA certified.

Now you can never doubt me again ^-^