Friday, September 23, 2011

Did someone say mine?

So excited for this weekend...and not just because of the season premiere of Supernatural. No, I'm a taking a mini girl's vaca down to, wait for it, drum roll...dum...dum..dum...Bisbee, AZ. That's right, not the most glamorous of locale's, but they are famous for one pretty nifty thing, mines. I'm going to be taking one of their ultra fabulous mine tour, and then head on over to Kartchner Caverns to not only view these magnificent holes in the earth, but also stay for their bi-yearly star night.
Besides the much needed get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, I'm hoping this trip will give me some great writing inspiration. It always helps to get a little tiny break away from routine, clear out the cobwebs. And who know, perhaps my next story shall take place in Bisbee...mines and all!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thank You L.J.

I've just re-read The Forbidden Game Trilogy by L.J. Smith, and WOW did I forget how much I loved those books. It's been about six years since I first read them, which is a shame, crazy how time flies by without you really realizing. I remember reading L.J. Smith back in high school, before TVD became a tv show and before vampires did things like sparkle...I respect you Stephenie Meyer, but I'm not sure if I can forgive you for that one. I remember loving Smith's writing style, but more than that, what really grabbed me and sucked me into her world of dark imagination were her characters, they were all so alive and vivid; you really felt like you knew each one of them; you loved them, hated them, rooted for them, and were utterly annoyed by some. She had the richest characters and most compelling stories of any author I had ever read (note that this was before I picked up J.K. Rowling). This post really has no purpose. I'm simply stating my love for an amazing author, telling anyone reading this, if they have not already, go out and snatch up her books...right now...I'm not kidding...GO! This post is a thank you to L.J. Smith for inspiring me to write my own stories, to dig into my own imagination, and tell the stories of what I find there. Thank you L.J. Smith!

P.S. I seriously need a shirt that says "I would have chosen Julian". For any of you who get that're awesome. If you don't get that reference, I hope someday very soon you will.

P.S.S. My "I would have chosen Julian" shirt could hang right next to my "I would have chosen the Phantom shirt"

Monday, September 5, 2011

I've gone and done a terrible thing...I have discovered Tumblr. Now I know this might seem harmless, but really it's dangerous, very, very dangerous. Because of my inconveniently addictive personality I have already set up an account, spent hours on photoshop making graphics, hours posting graphics, and even more hours scanning over the amazing gifs and graphics others do far better than I!!!
Goodbye writing, I'm giving you up to wile away my hours becoming a tumblr junkie. Of course, I least I hope I do. Back to tumblr I head with my head held low.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is what it's all about

Yeah, so pretty much the whole reason this blog exists if because of and for the PROTECTORS SAGA. It's a story that I love and taken me a long time to write, far too both dog and boy band years I'd be dead! Anyways, I'm assuming if you've stumbled onto this little site of mine it's not for the pretty background, but because of those books of mine. Maybe you liked them and have a few questions, which would be awesome! Maybe you hated them and want to yell at me for wasting your time and rotting your brain. That wouldn't be so awesome and really the only reply I could give would be 'hey, if you were a dog you'd still be alive, so not as much time wasted as you thought', but everyone has their own opinions.
So, for whatever reason you have entered into the realm of a slightly kooky, but always charming (at least in my mind) writer of fantasy...welcome!

Welcoming myself to Blogger...cuz I'm shallow like that!

My first blog, my first post...I'm dipping a hesitant toe into this world of blogging. This site was pretty much made up so that anyone who had purchased my book and wanted to get in touch with me could do so, but honestly, as I spent way too many hours creating this blog (yes, I said hours...don't judge me, I'm un-tech savvy) I decided it might be cool to have a little place to keep some of my thoughts, motivations, and ramblings...lots and lots of ramblings.