Monday, March 11, 2013

Dravery Has a Playlist

I think most writers have a playlist or maybe even just one or two songs they play to help them get in a certain mood for writing, help them write a certain scene. And I am no different. In fact, I live for the writing playlist. My stories would be nothing without them and my scenes, I feel, would lack something. So, if any of you lovely readers are interested, I have compiled a few of the songs I use when I'm writing Dravery scenes. I hope you enjoy them or even feel like listening to one or two before reading a scene you enjoy. I also have playlists for Avery and Jade scenes, battle scenes, Jade and Eryk scenes, and many others. Told you - I am a music junkie - the withdrawal is terrible. I promise to share some more playlists in the near future, and in the meantime I'm busy working on the 5th book and my little vampire novel. Now onto the playlist -

DRAVERY'S Playlist
1) The Haunting by Anberlin
2) Blind by Placebo
3) Cut by Plumb
4) Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars
5) Desire by Ryan Adams
6) Nicest Thing by Kate Nash
7) Lucky by Biff Naked
8) Take Me As You Found Me by Anberlin
9) Howl by Florence and the Machine
10) All the Way 4 U by Poets of the Fall