Tuesday, October 7, 2014

HALLOWEEN Month - Cute Zombie Tattoos

Last year I did a post about Zombie Tattoos because I love zombies and I love tattoos. So I decided to do another Zombie Tattoo post this year, but this time I'm focusing on the cute adorable zombies tattoos - the ones in a moment of inebriated weakness I might actually have permanently inked on my body.
So here are some of the cutest zombies ya ever did see -

Marie Antoinette zombie...classy yet horrifying

Zombie Cupcakes will always be one of my favorites.

My Little Pony Zombies are freaking adorable.

Snow White zombie. I like that this one isn't afraid to go a little more creepy than cute.

Disney's Belle zombie - with Chip! I love it.

Another My Little Pony Zombie. The colors mixed with the fact that she's truly freaky
made me fall in love with this tat.

Hello Kitty Zombie. The intestine coming out is just that added bit of gross-out that got
her added to my list.

This will ALWAYS be one of my favorites. ALWAYS.

Pooh Bear Tattoo. The little Brainz Hunny pot is a cute addition.

Adorable little bird zombie. Love the worm coming out of the

Sunday, October 5, 2014

HALLOWEEN Month - Costumes for the lazy

Say you're just way too busy working or taking care of your kids costumes to properly come up with one for yourself. Besides, sometimes you're just not in the mood to push through the throng of glitter and fake Samurai sword wielding shoppers at your local Party City...and don't even start with Saver or your Goodwill stores...they're even worse. Like I've said, I LOVE to dress up, but being a wee bit lazy has its perks, especially when there are some other incredible options. Options in the form a single piece...or a onesie. I go crazy for a good ONESIE. They're comfy, warm in the winter months (not that it ever gets too cold in AZ) and some of them are downright adorably awesome. Here's a few you can button or zip up Halloween night, head out to a party or take your kids trick 'r' treating.

We all know how much I love Unicorns...

Who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland...

Adorable Ladybug...

Despicable Me Minion...yes please...

Monster's Inc...Sully Onesie

Go find the one that's right for you and have a snuggly no-pressure to put together an elaborate costume Halloween.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

HALLOWEEN Month - Nail Art

Hey y'all, I wanted to do a super quick post that still celebrated my love for Halloween, so I thought why not post some ideas for how to dress up your nails on Halloween. I love manicures, particularly because it means I don't have to do any work, but I'm sure you can also do some of these by yourself.
So here are some ideas...enjoy...and try not to breath in too many fumes while attempting these -

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HALLOWEEN Month - Costume a day - Feeling Horny - Be a Unicorn

Seriously...who doesn't want to be a Unicorn? I mean, seriously? They're fabulous. They're surrounded by glitter. And according to Supernatural they can shoot rainbows out of their ass.
So here's just a few ideas on how to make yourself a the most fab magical creature for Halloween -

You ain't a Unicorn without an actual horn 'duh'. This gal makes the most
delicate incredible horns I've seen yet. You can find them on her Etsy shop here -

An awesome wig. Whether you're thinking white, rainbow, or some other
color mash-up, a good wig makes a difference. I ADORE dressing up
and have gotten a lot of my wigs from this site. They have a nice assortment and aren't
crazy expensive -

A rainbow or white tutu is a great idea to add over white 
tights or a white leotard. This lovely lady makes tutus in sizes
baby - adult. You can find her shop here:

Furry boot covers. Can you use them more than once?
If you're AWESOME then hell yassss -

A second horn never hurt anyone. Find these bright
gems here - 

And in honor of Supernatural...you can shoot a rainbow out of your ass

HALLOWEEN Month - Cupcake Decorating

Halloween...HALLOWEEN...HALLOWEEN!!!! Can you tell I love the holiday? Any excuse to dress up as something else, I am ALL ABOUT that. But this post isn't about costumes. It's about my second favorite thing associate with Halloween...SWEETS!!! I have a massive sweet tooth. It's one of the reasons my 'diet' fads consist of salads and sugar...that's it...I wonder why they never seem to work? It doesn't matter. It is the season to indulge in all thinks sweet and delectable.
A Dooling tradition that I plan to keep going till I die is our annual cupcake decorating party we have right before Halloween. We bake all different kinds of the most tasty yummy cupcakes (half the vanilla ones are devoured by me before they have a chance to reach the table - sorry not sorry) and we decorate them them. Some are tastefully elegant (not my doing), some are cutesy ghosts and pumpkins (not my doing either) and some are gruesomely horrific (my doing - you're welcome).
Who doesn't love a cupcake? Mini cakes you can shove into your mouth quick enough that the people you're with don't have time to realize how many you've eaten - they're amazing!
So in honor of Halloween month I'm gonna share a few cupcake ideas with you all. Have a decorating party! Take pictures of your culinary masterpieces! Share them online and eat then gobble them up! Onto some of my favorites:
This Brain Cupcake is equal parts 
sick and fantastic. The tutorial from the
creative lady who thought of it can be found here:

This cupcake is GORGEOUS and perfect
for the fall. Seems like it could be a bit difficult, but I would
love to see how these turn out if anyone decides to try it.

I love this one because it seems super easy (my kind of decorating job).
It's also an ode to Vampires and I love me a good design.

Another cupcake that seems relatively easy...though I've been known to say
that and then end up with something that looks like my dog threw it up.

Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite Halloween movies (and yes
I classify more as a Halloween than Christmas movie) - so I love the idea of 
a Cupcake with a little movie theme.

Cute but also kinda creepy in a cuddly way. Perfect for kids -
especially if you can get the colors to pop.

No Halloween is complete without ghosts. This is like the
'white sheet' costume only in a cupcake version.

Graveyard cupcakes are a fun and easy (have I mentioned I love easy)
decorating idea. And from personal experience, Milano Cookies make
excellent headstones.

Witches - another staple of Halloween. I just LOVE the colors on theses.
It looks like they used fondant to make the hats, but I have found if you take Tootsie Rolls
and place them in the microwave for a few seconds they become pliable and you can shape them 
into whatever you want - like a Witches hat.

Okay, this is one of my favorites - just from a whole geek/science perspective and
I need to try it this year.
The tutorial can be found here:

If anyone decides to do any of these I would LOVE to see the pictures. Enjoy baking. Enjoy decorating. And most importantly enjoy eating!