Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Halloween Month - A Costume a Day - Unicorn

I made a post about creating a unicorn costume last year and I'll probably create one next year as well...that's because I'm OBSESSED with unicorns and personally feel like you can never really go wrong by going as one. Last year, my costume idea was a little more quirky, it involved rainbows and tulle (things I love). This year I'm gonna go a little more subtle. Classic white, classic unicorn meets human.

Magical Marvel Dress

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Now add some body glitter, white eye shadow and lip gloss and you're good to go be an ethereal unicorn.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Month - A Costume a Day - Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a fallback costume for me. Probably because I own a crazy blue-eyed Husky named Frost who sort of looks like a wolf, so I love using her in my Halloween Costume. Plus, you get to where a giant red cape, and if you say you don't like running around the house with a giant cape tail flying out behind you like you're a Disney Villain...then I know you're lying.

Girls' Solid Maxi Skirt
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And here's a picture of my Husky Frost...the perfect wolf to my Red Riding Hood

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Month - A Costume a Day - I Love Lucy

Halloween is my second favorite holiday. Christmas narrowly edges it out, only because PRESENTS and December in Arizona is when actual sweater weather begins. Anyways, one of the most difficult things about Halloween for me, besides not eating all the candy before passing it out, is deciding what I'm going to dress up as. I love dressing up. I do it even when it's not Halloween, but those are stories for different days. There are so many costumes to choose from that I can find myself becoming overwhelmed. So, every day up till Halloween I'll be posting a costume idea, one that I love! Hopefully it may help you find a little costume clarity or give you an idea of what you may want to dress up as.

Costume #1 - Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy
I used to watch I Love Lucy with my grandma when I was a little kid, and I absolutely adored everything about her - Her style, her hair, her relationship with Ricky, and most of all her AMAZING comedic ability. For me, the Golden Age of Hollywood icon I idolized wasn't Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor - it was Lucille Ball. 

I Love Lucy Adult Wig

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Now all that's left it to practice your "Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" whine!

Halloween Month - Halloween/Fall To Do List

It's the first day of my favorite month, with one of my favorite holidays, in my favorite time of year. So, in honor of October, Halloween, and fall I decided to compile a Halloween/Fall checklist. I hope you all enjoy and get inspired to try a few of the things listed!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Writing Advice - Distract Yourself

I have a great many things that distract me away from writing, but ironically it is also those things that fuel my imagination. Netflix, Tumblr, Hulu, Youtube, Pinterest...I can get lost on any of these sites for HOURS. I'll think it's only been 20 minutes, 30 tops, and I look at the clock and gasp in horror as I realize 2 or 3 hours have gone by. I used to beat myself up over the amount of time I spent distracted on my computer instead of spending those hours working on my next book, but I don't do that anymore. Over the years I've learned a very valuable truth about myself - I need to be distracted. It actually HELPS my writing process. About a year ago I tried taking my laptop and going to places with no wifi and attempting to write there. It was awful. I would sit and stare at the screen or glance around at my surroundings, completely uninspired. Now, this isn't always the case. Sometimes, when I'm feeling in the mood, nature or remote locations can fuel my creative juices, but not when forced. So I gave up the idea that I needed to focus 100% of my time on the computer writing and let myself get distracted. I would spend an hour on Tumblr scrolling through blogs, some with content or advice that had me biting at the bit to get back to writing. I would marathon a show on Netflix and then find my imagination completely re-inspired. My point is, don't beat yourself up for doing something that's unrelated to writing. Sometimes it turns out to be an invaluable writing tool. Sometimes it turns out to be nothing but a distraction...but also a lot of times a much needed one.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Writing Advice From Me to You - Pick a Tune

On this blog I want to share with you all some writing tips and tricks that work for me. Everyone is different. Everyone's writing process is different, and we all have different ways of perservering and smashing through that awful confidence crusher - WRITERS BLOCK!!! Dun...dun...dun. I'm gonna share some of my tips and if they help anyone then it was worth taking the time to write them down.

One of my favorite go-to outside "tools" for setting the writing mood and setting the tone for my imagination to roam where it needs to and not over imagining how awesome the new Chicken Parm Breadstick Sandwich from Olive Garden is going to be - is MUSIC. I'll just put my headphones in, drowning out all other sounds and let the melody stir up my creative juices. It sets a tone AND clears out other sounds. I have different songs for different scenes. Obviously Enya isn't going to work when I have my main characters kicking troll ass, but I'm going to include a list of some of my all time favorite fallbacks. For me, 9 times out of 10 these songs work. Maybe one of them will work for you. Maybe you have your own song or song list that gets you through some long scenes. Either way keep writing and never give up!!

Paige's All Time Favorite Writing Starter Songs (Ugh, that's a long title. That's too long of title...I need to change that title.) - 

1. On the Nature of Daylight
by Max Richter

2. Grow Till Tall
by Jonsi

3. Dead Island Trailer Theme
by Giles Lamb

4. Signs
by Bloc Party

5. Intro
by The XX