Monday, April 1, 2013

Writing Update

Just a little update to let everyone know what's going on. I am currently super busy writing my next book. It's a Paranormal/Vampire/Supernatural book with some romance thrown in...because let's face it every book needs some romance. I basically started writing this book because I needed to step away from my Protectors series, just for a little bit. I felt like I needed to re-fall in love with writing it. And boy have I! I found that through writing the book I'm currently working on, it made me really want to get back to writing the Protectors. This isn't saying I don't love the story I'm working on right now, because I do, I really do. I love the main character and the flow and I can't wait to get it out there so people can read it, but I miss Avery, Jade, Orcatia, and especially Draven. Writing about them again will be a complete treat!
So, this has just been a wee writing update. I've gotten the first few chapters of book 5 in the Protectors Saga written and am excited to get back to it. I don't like setting deadlines because I find it hard to keep them, but I'm pretty confident the book will be out sometime in the summer.
As for my next book to be released, it's tentatively being called 'Becoming Eden'. Like I said it's a Paranormal/Vampire/Supernatural/Romance story, and I'll tell y'all more about it in the near future. Till then, thanks for reading.  
~Paige out 

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