Tuesday, October 7, 2014

HALLOWEEN Month - Cute Zombie Tattoos

Last year I did a post about Zombie Tattoos because I love zombies and I love tattoos. So I decided to do another Zombie Tattoo post this year, but this time I'm focusing on the cute adorable zombies tattoos - the ones in a moment of inebriated weakness I might actually have permanently inked on my body.
So here are some of the cutest zombies ya ever did see -

Marie Antoinette zombie...classy yet horrifying

Zombie Cupcakes will always be one of my favorites.

My Little Pony Zombies are freaking adorable.

Snow White zombie. I like that this one isn't afraid to go a little more creepy than cute.

Disney's Belle zombie - with Chip! I love it.

Another My Little Pony Zombie. The colors mixed with the fact that she's truly freaky
made me fall in love with this tat.

Hello Kitty Zombie. The intestine coming out is just that added bit of gross-out that got
her added to my list.

This will ALWAYS be one of my favorites. ALWAYS.

Pooh Bear Tattoo. The little Brainz Hunny pot is a cute addition.

Adorable little bird zombie. Love the worm coming out of the

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