Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is what it's all about

Yeah, so pretty much the whole reason this blog exists if because of and for the PROTECTORS SAGA. It's a story that I love and taken me a long time to write, far too both dog and boy band years I'd be dead! Anyways, I'm assuming if you've stumbled onto this little site of mine it's not for the pretty background, but because of those books of mine. Maybe you liked them and have a few questions, which would be awesome! Maybe you hated them and want to yell at me for wasting your time and rotting your brain. That wouldn't be so awesome and really the only reply I could give would be 'hey, if you were a dog you'd still be alive, so not as much time wasted as you thought', but everyone has their own opinions.
So, for whatever reason you have entered into the realm of a slightly kooky, but always charming (at least in my mind) writer of fantasy...welcome!

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