Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The 4th Book Lives!!!!!

There has been a name change for my 4th book. If you read this blog, then you know the 4th book in The Protectors Saga was tentatively going to be called 'Shattered Glass', but I never really formed a lasting connection to the name, and more importantly, I was not feeling how the cover was coming along - tedium and frustration do not make a happy little cover maker. Therefore, the name has been changed to 'Demon's Gate' and I'm actually diggin the cover. Despite all the wonderful suggestions I got, I just could not make them work. Photoshop and I were definitely having a bit of a tussle - it won because no matter how many four letter words I threw at it, it just refused to surrender to my demands.
So, for my wonderful readers I am giving you a preview of the cover for the 4th book - soon to be released once I get all the tedious and frustrating formatting done (something I unfortunately cannot bail on)!

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