Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dravery - I shall call it!

This might not be much of a news flash, but I love Draven! Sometimes I stay up to all hours of the night imagining conversations between him and Avery. And despite the fact that I actually write the story and know when he's going to show up - I get super excited knowing I get to write a Draven scene! It's like my fictional writer's Disneyland (I'm also a ginormous fan of Disney for anyone who didn't know).
So, for any of my readers who are as big a fan of DravenxAvery as I am, I decided to post a little snippet of Dravery below. Just a little teaser before the book comes out. Fingers crossed for a Sept. date! To my readers and followers...thank you...I love you!

                A small smile began to form on the side of Draven’s mouth, “Are you…” he stood up from the table and took a few steps towards Avery, “jealous.”
                Avery felt her face redden, “No!” She asserted, standing up straight.
                Draven stepped up to Avery and leaned one of his arms against the bookcase, right next to her head, so that their faces were only a few inches apart, “Did you ride all the way over here, at this time of night,” his smile widened, “because you saw me with another woman?”
                Obviously the room wasn’t big enough for them to not end up cramped together. At this proximity it was hard for Avery to remember why they couldn’t be together. She tilted her head up just a fraction of an inch, her breathing becoming frantic. Draven’s smile disappeared and his eyes flickered down to her lips. Avery blinked her eyes, trying to focus on the reason she had come, and telling herself that no matter how much she may want Draven, nothing would change the fact that he was part Demon and she was a Protector.


  1. Oooh, love this teaser!
    I can't wait to read the next book, I just lurve this series!

    :) Aeicha

    1. I'm glad you like it! I'm working hard to get the next one out...silly editing. Why can't books just edit themselves :)