Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Tiny Offering

All people are an interesting mix of good traits and bad traits. Personally, some of my flaws consist of poor time management, being easily distracted (like I'm practically a sugar riddled three year old), taking on too much and then getting overwhelmed and sleeping for a week, and not taking care of my health properly. Of course, these are only a very few of my many questionable traits, but these are the ones that lead to certain disappointing promising to have a snippet from book 5 of the Protectors Saga out on my bday and then failing to do so. Apologies. Apologies.
I know it's about a week late, but I'm FINALLY getting it to you. I couldn't decide what to share, so I literally just brought up a page at random and picked out a tiny scene from the page. I hope you enjoy it, and I promise (a promise I actually intend to keep) that I will post more tiny snippets from the book in between now and when I publish it. I also promise there will be Dravery scenes! To my readers and followers...thank you...I <3 U!
~Paige out...

And here you go. The reason for this post, a small excerpt from book 5 of the Protectors Saga -

                "Are you nuts?!" Jade stepped in front of Avery, blocking her from returning into the chamber, "It's a dragon! There are only two things you do with a dragon. One, if its killing people then you slay it," out of the corner of her eye, Avery could see Sasha nodding her head in agreement, "and two, if it's not actively killing people then you don't provoke it in to killing people…and by people I mean us!"
                "I think it wants to help us." Avery argued, "It seems to hate Demons even more than we do."
                An almost guttural sound escaped from the mouth on Jade's shocked face, "What are you, the 'Dragon Whisperer' all of a sudden?"
                Avery fought the impulse to roll her eyes. Instead, she said calmly, trying to reason with Jade, "If it were going to kill us it could have easily done so by now."
                Jade opened her mouth in a silent scream, letting Avery know that reasoning with her was out of the question, "Oh my God!" She struggled to keep her voice down, "I cannot believe what I'm hearing. This is like that show in that animal channel where the idiot person keeps a wild animal as a pet…and then the monkey rips their face off!"
                There was nothing Avery could even begin to think of to say in response to Jade.
                Skylar, on the other hand, protested, "I like monkeys!"
                Jade squinted her eyes at Skylar, shaking her head in disbelief. Glancing back to Avery, she asked, "Do you get what I'm saying?"
                "What have you got against monkeys?" Skylar pushed.
                "Forget the monkey!" Jade shouted, her voice bouncing off the walls of the cave and echoing around the girls.

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