Monday, February 4, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY - It's Muse-ic to my ears

Let's talk about Muse-ic! I think the funniest thing about that little play on words is how much joy it actually brings me. Seriously, though, let's talk about Muse. I've always loved Muse. I became a huge fan way back when their Absolution CD first came out. And years later, after getting many of my friends hooked on their musical genius, I am still a fan. In fact, a good many of their songs are on my 'Writing Playlist' (remind me to share some of those songs on here sometime in the future).
Lately, I've become OBSESSED with their new song 'Madness'. In addition to working on the 5th book in The Protectors Saga, I've also been putting effort into a few other writing projects, and the song is perfect to just get lost in and think through some of the more intricate story details in my head.
So, I hope you enjoy this Muse-ical wonder as much as I do :)
~Paige out...


  1. I'm a huge fan of Muse, too. In fact, just like you, it was their "Absolution" album that got me hooked in the first place! I can never resist listening to them, since they never fail to help inspire me whenever I work on my own projects...

    1. Plus they throw an AMAZING concert! So glad they're still making music...perfect for writers :)