Saturday, April 4, 2015

Character Fashion...Amalthea

I love to take fashion inspiration from some of my favorite tv/movie characters. I made a post earlier about adopting creativity into multiple facets of one's life. And one way I love being creative is in my fashion. My closet is an ode to different characters, all taken into modern wearable outfits. I save my true costume garb for Ren Faires and conventions! Today I’m feeling very Amalthea from The Last Unicorn…one of my all time favorite 80s fantasy movies.
If you like any of the items above and want to get your Amalthea on…just click on the item below…

Purple Dress
Bow Cardigan
Unicorn Heels
Unicorn Ring
Unicorn Purse
Unicorn and Horseshoe Earrings

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