Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Writing is hard - Tip #2 to make it a little easier

Writing is hard. It's frustrating. And sometimes we feel like we really just can't do it. We might as well give up because obviously we're never going to finish. That is an awful feeling. So, I'm here to continue sharing the tips that help me keep writing; keep cranking out my books even after my of "I can't do it!" doubt.

My tip for today is - Have Your Own Writing Space
  • Have a space that's designated as just yours and just for writing. A place where your comfortable and relaxed. A space where your brain can be free to simply focus on your work. Years ago I started writing The Protectors Saga in my parents house, in a little nook with a desk, a light and bookshelf where I could tuck myself away and tap on my computer. I made it mine. Decorated it and added things to make me comfortable. To this day, that is the spot where I go back to in order to write my Protectors Saga. I'm there so much that my parents decided to keep my bedroom as it was instead of turning it into the mini gym my mother had longed for once I moved out. I've also been blessed with a two bedroom apartment and an understanding boyfriend who let me turn our small walk-in closet into my own personal tiny writing space. He only threatened to move all his kicks back in there on the few occasions he walked in and caught me watching Netflix instead of working on my books. The closet is small, but that's all I really need. I can shut the door to my tiny hideaway and let my mind and imagination wander to the places I need it to. Carve out a place of your own. Even if it's no bigger than a closet, it's yours


  1. I am a fan of The Protectors Saga and I am very pleased with your work. In a comment thread in 2014 you mentioned 2 more book till the end. I am curious, when will the next book (#6) be coming out?

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy the books. It's always amazing hearing from people who have read and like the books. Unfortunately, life and my job that actually pays my bills has gotten in the way of my writing. But thank goodness I work for a school system and now have most of the summer to devote to finishing the next Protectors book. I can't make any promises, but if I can knuckle down and accomplish what I'm hoping to then the next book should *fingers crossed* be coming out sometime in the fall.