Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday - If you're the Emperor, I'm the Empress!

EMPIRE OF THE SUN - Walking on a Dream
If you've never heard of this group you NEED to listen to them, and if you have heard of them, well then good for you! They're a bit alternative so they're not gonna float everyone's boat, but they definitely float my over-sized badass battleship. It helps that they remind me a little of Bowie (my fantasy master - the Goblin King of my heart!)
I love having this playing when I'm writing filler scenes...or a more literary polite way to say it is, scenes that don't require as much emotion. It's just a fun song. A good writing song and a good road trip song.
Before you listen I've written down the little chorus bit for you. I'm doing this because when I first heard the song I had no idea what he was actually saying, and like all of us do - I made up my own lyrics. But it's always nice to know what exactly the artist meant to portray (even if you end up still using your lyrics).You'll know the part I'm talking about while moving your shoulders along to the infectious beat!
Is it brand new when two people become one
I can feel it when two people become one

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