Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Supernatural Comic-Con run-down

Let Another Season of Pain Begin

First off, I'd like to start by saying I was not actually at Comic-Con. It's taken me a whole box of tissues and some very inexpensive wine coolers to deal with this fact, so please let's just not bring it up again. Any information I have is taken from hours of youtube footage watching and first hand reports by people much cooler and luckier than I!
Now...onto my thoughts -

1) Sam's recuring love interest
  •       I must admit I'm torn on this one. A part of me really wants to see Sam have a life (or at least as much of a life as he can have) without Dean. All the Sam/love interest episodes I ended up really liking, except for Ruby, but I'll call that Sam/lust/crazy not Sam/love. Of course, it would suck to see Sam dipping his toes into the waters of happiness only to have the waters dry up and his toes left to prune. I hated the Dean/Lisa storyline...Ick! Memory erase please! However, I've always felt like Sam could be the one to handle a home life better than Dean, to let other people in, and not feel the need to jump in a badass muscle car and battle evil. There's always been something keeping him in it..revenge for Jess...guilt over his dad...trying to save Dean from hell...revenge on Lillith...guilt over releasing Satan...guilt over his soul-less self...stopping the Leviathans and controlling his crazy...and of course, most importantly, not wanting to leave Dean hunting alone. Now without Dean and all their battles fought there's nothing really keeping him in the hunting lifestyle. In conclusion, I'm gonna wait and see how much I actually like this new girl (If she was anything like a hetero Charlie I'd be sold), and how they handle the storyline. We...shall...see

2) Dean in Purgatory
  • I think it was Carver who said that Dean would be getting out of Purgatory fairly quick and it was given away that he would be "saved" by a Vampire named Benny, who is both dark and dangerous and a recurring character. Personally, after sorting through my feelings, I think I'm fine with long as they make Benny a likeable and interesting character. Like Crowley, he may be evil, but you just can't help liking him! This could potentially be good.

 3) CAS!
  • There wasn't much information given about Cas for the upcoming season, except that he's not going to be the one to rescue Dean from Purgatory. Again, this causes mixed emotions. I would love to have Cas be the one to save Dean, simply because I love to see his human, protective of his Winchester's side. On the other hand, Cas already saved both Dean and Sam from hell once. They can't just keep using him as the go-to fallback for a Winchester in trouble. Plus, it seems like, from what Misha Collins has said, all the Cas scenes so far have been filmed in Purgatory. He's trapped there with Dean (not sure if their scenes are together) and just trying to survive. Misha said he's not even sure if Cas survives Purgatory, but for my own emotional well being I'm going to assume he does. It could be very interesting or it could be frustrating. So, again depending on how they handle Cas and his storyline, I'll suspend judgement. 

 4) Other Suff
  • Jim Beaver was at the panel, but didn't really give away any clues as to whether Bobby was returning. MIXED EMOTIONS ALERT: I love, love, love, love my Bobby, but this dying and coming back is getting old. You have to make death impactfull, make it matter, and it just doesn't hit you as hard if you're saying, 'Ah, it don't matter, they'll just bring him back in a few eps anyway. Oh look, a Crossroads Demon!'
  • Apparently they're jumping a year into the future. A good move considering Sam is supposed to be making steps in moving on. I know, it still doesn't seem like enough time to go by for me either. 
  • Super hoping there's more Kevin this season - so many hearts for him! And another guest stint for Charlie or Chuck would be the sprinkles on my cupcake!
  • I know it's been asked for and questioned to death and I know the actors/writers/producers keep telling up to just let it go, but I want the SAMULET back. I can't help it! I'm a sappy little fan-girl, dammit!
  • Hoping the "Big Bad" is something better than the Leviathans. I just wasn't too keen on them as far as villains go. I've always been a fan of the monster of the week. My favorite time is when the boys are together, hunting something evil, and saving a few people...that's my happy time!


  1. I also love Bobby, but I agree, the constant killing-and-reviving of characters has gotten old. For that reason, I hope he doesn't return, unless it's in the form of a flashback.

    And Dean's going to get out of purgatory quickly? That's disappointing. It'd be fun if he was there for a while so the writers could really explore that storyline.

    1. Very true, but I guess there's going to be flashbacks, so hopefully we'll get a little picture of Purgatory and what went down there.