Sunday, July 15, 2012

SHELTER SUNDAY - For the love of shelter dogs!!!

One thing you might not know about me is that I volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter almost every Saturday with my Mom. I love being around the animals and selfishly it makes me feel good about myself. I can't help it, I'm only human :)
My three wonderful dogs (Fable, Frost, and Brahms) are all used dogs themselves, and I couldn't love them more. There's something special about a shelter dog. You're giving them a second chance at a happy ending and boy do they love you for it. So, I've decided every Sunday I'll dedicate a little blog post to some of the shelter dogs I have the joy to play with every week, and just maybe help give a little awareness to what truly good pets these animals can make. I hope they can bring a smile to your face just as they do to mine.
As of right now I'm only gonna be putting up pics of dogs. The main reason for this is because I'm horribly, grotesquely, pathetically allergic to cats, but if I ever decide to pop a few Benadryl I promise to get some cat pics. As I wrote that sentence I realized I could just send my non-allergic mother into the cattery. So, scratch that and pics will follow in the upcoming weeks.
Always happy - I could learn a thing or two from her!

My new besties! And, yes, I'm gonna make them drive me everywhere. Hope they have their license (Haha, it's a pun, get it?!) I have many more folks...prepare yourselves.
Hand + Cage = Frustration!

Mini Lassie! Now all I need is a well to fall down so she can rescue me.

Ignore the hair on my Mom's pants...hazards of the job...anyone wanna call Mike Rowe?

Take me home or I shall judge you!

So well behaved...until I turn my back!

EWOK!!!! Somebody try to communicate in "EWOKESE"

They're seriously watching me struggle after an invading pebble in my shoe rendered me lame for a moment

And I end with my favorite photo

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