Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zombie Month - Let's Be Fashionable!

Okay, I missed a day. Damn! Still in the beginning of the month, too. Ah well, I'm not letting it deter me. I shall continue on. And today I'm continuing on with zombie fashion, because even though you may be undead doesn't mean you can't look presentable.
Seriously though, I would love to see some gal or guy strolling down the street, or in a mall, perhaps dining at an Olive Garden, dressed like some zombie fashionista. My cell phone would be whipped out and I'd be by their side begging for a photo op before they could utter, "Braaaaains!"
So if you dig it and wanna be the living dead with style, here are some ideas.

1) Let's face it, it's all about the shoes. And if you're already undead you don't have to worry about sensible running shoes. Go for broke! And broke just might be what your ankle will end up rambling around in these babies.
You can find these bloody beauties here - Gory Good Foot Fetish They also have some zombie flesh flats available for those of us worried about possibly breaking an ankle...undead or not.

2) Nails. First impressions are ever so important. And we all know that the state of our nails is going to be a tipping point in a lot of people think about us...sad but true, especially for us nail biters. Make sure your zombie nails have just enough blood spatter on them to let the fleshies know you are not a corpse to be messed with.

3) Hair. Whether you decide to tease and hairspray it into a delightfully zombie-esque tangled mess, or just pull it back to show off your jutting collar it with style.
Find this gory little beauty here - Zombie Tresses

4) One hugely important thing to remember is always look like you've just stepped off the catwalk. I don't care if you're a size 2 or 22. As the all powerful Queen of Smizing Tyra would say, be fierce!

5) Last but not least - accessories. Where would any of us be without out them. Walking around sad and boring just longing for a pair of dangle earrings...maybe a beret.
Because nothing says best buddies quite like sharing a brain
Eat your heart and brains out for this ring here - Feed Me!

There you have it. Some truly awesome zombie fashion. Now go. Zombie out. And hopefully one day I can see you sitting a few tables away from me at an Olive Garden and be lucky enough to grab a photo.


  1. So cool! Those shoes are amazing, and I'd absolutely love to do my nails like that someday...

    1. I know, those shoes make me swoon! And I'm seriously considering taking that pic of the nails in the next time I get my nails done and ask for something like that, esp around Halloween. That would be fantastic!