Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zombie Month - Tattoo Time

So, I know today I said I was going to be reviewing Gena Showalter's book Alice in Zombieland, but that has now gotten pushed back...I blame a writing kick I got started on. Good for the next Protectors book, bad for book reviews. In consequence, today is now Zombie Tattoo Day!
I love tattoos. I think they're a great and often beautiful way to express yourself. Myself and my body, I more go for the inspirational quote, a song lyric scrolled across a shoulder blade, a big eyed owl perched on the foot. I just don't have it in me to get a living corpse permanently tattooed to my body, but that doesn't mean I don't think it's awesome to see it tattooed on somebody else's body. I ogle and point and tell them, "Your tattoo is ridiculous...in the best possible way, of course."
Here's my list for best zombie tats.

1) Famous Folks Zombie Tats (because what better way to tell the world you admire someone then to get their rotting face permanently drawn on your body).

 2) Zombie sleeves - for the truly dedicated.

3) Unique Zombie Tats. If you want a zombie tattoo, but don't feel like going the truly traditional living dead way...do something different, cuz I guarantee it's gonna turn out AWESOME!

4) Zombie bite tats. Wanna look like a walking talking zombie victim - or zombie in the making - this is the way to do it. But remember, they are PERMANENT so unless your okay looking like you just got finished walking through Raccoon City for the rest of your life - I'd seriously consider just leaving the bite wounds to Halloween makeup and temporary tats.

 5) Cute Zombie Tattoos (my personal favorite). If you can take something like decaying flesh and make it borderline adorable, then you my friend, deserve all the awards.

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